We had a funeral for my mum June Gilfoyle in May 2017.

The service was held on the premises of Special Send-Offs and it was just right for both the family and for the type of person my mum was. It was full of warmth, grace and dignity. No idea or suggestion was frowned upon by Mark and the team and they carried all the arrangements off beautifully. June’s funeral was truly individual and full of heart and soul.

I cannot thank you enough.

Denise, Scarborough

Dear Mark,

I am writing to thank you very much for all your help following our recent bereavement. As I mentioned to you at the time everyone has differing views as to how their own funeral, as well as those close to them, should be conducted.

In our own case we asked for a simple funeral and this was carried out precisely to our wishes. Your costs were clearly explained and adhered to.

I believe the cost of a funeral has absolutely no bearing on the respect or regard towards the deceased by those of us remaining.

Many thanks again,

Burniston, Scarborough


Dear Mark,

A huge thank-you to you and your colleagues for such a beautiful service for Marian. Everything was so smooth on the day and, in general, you've made this time much easier for us.

'Special Send-Offs' couldn't be a more appropriate name for your company.

Thank you,

Dave, Elaine, Vicki & Emma,
Newlands, Scarborough

Our mum was a wonderful, warm and individual person, and it was really important to us to give her a send-off that was very personal, with contributions from friends and members of the family. What we wanted was to celebrate her life, which was full of colour and life.

We chose Mark as our funeral director, which was an excellent choice. He was very sensitive to the family needs, patient with our evolving plans, he advised us where appropriate, showed attention to detail, and indeed facilitated our wishes seamlessly, resulting in what I believe was the most perfect funeral.

I think mum would have very much approved. The family loved it, and looking back I feel a warm sense of pride and joy with the personal and loving send-off that Mark helped us achieve for our wonderful mum.

T. Humphrey

When our loved one died we were in shock and confused. I guess it’s always difficult no matter what the circumstances but our relative died after a rapid illness and left no real guidance, other than to keep the cost down. Mark provided calmness and organisation when we had little. He dispelled myths about the process we were entering into and enabled us to have a full and proper funeral in a different and memorable manner, one that we are proud of and few will forget. With creativity and focus Mark guided us to ensuring a proper send off for our loved one. He showed immense understanding and great patience.

We achieved the unique event, we wanted. It was fitting yet different, formal enough for us and respectful. Mark enabled us to have a funeral at a reasonable cost without cutting corners and we even had some novel elements that added to the overall quality. Nothing was too much trouble and in hindsight it was a great experience. It was so rewarding to have been so engaged in the whole process, we owned the funeral and Mark was the catalyst for this happening.

As a family we would all have no hesitation in recomending Mark and ‘Special Send – Offs’. We have no doubt he will ensure you have a good and personalised funeral and what’s more at great value. Not something many people can say about funerals.

Dr. F. Ward