Is a traditional funeral really just Victorian fancy dress?

The Victorians really did death in a big way. Enter the words “Victorians and…” into a search engine and Google will fill in the blank with “Death”. Such was the Victorians link to all things death it’s almost their biggest legacy of their era. Just take a look at the ginormous tombstones they left. […]

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A lovely thank-you..

We had a funeral for my mum June Gilfoyle. The service was held on the premises of Special Send-Offs and it was just right for both the family and for the type of person my mum was. It was full of warmth, grace and dignity. No idea or suggestion was frowned upon by Mark and […]

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The Cost of Funerals

The cost of funerals is a sensitive subject. Why?..because relatives think it’s inappropriate to put a price on a loved one, particularly if they have just died and they are organising their funeral. Asking about costs can just seem wrong. If there is one thing I am trying to promote it’s that you simply do […]

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Special Send Offs Independent Funeral Director Scarborough - reception area

Independent Funeral Director in Scarborough

Several people have come in the premises and asked me if I am an independent funeral director. The answer is yes! I obviously need to state this clearly on the shop front and I am designing something that will go into the window to clearly state this and what services are offered. Special Send-Offs is […]

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Carl Marlow

A big thanks to Carl Marlow

Special Send-Offs would like to thank Carl Marlow for all his help and continued support. Carl is the owner of the largest independent Funeral Directors in the North East and now acts as a consultant to the funeral industry. Carl started over 15 years ago and was the first person to really push open, fair […]

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Harbour Reflections...

Amazing photos of Scarborough

Special Send-Offs would like to thank Cliff Miller Photography for supporting us with his outstanding pictures of Scarborough. The pictures have been beautifully printed onto canvas by Don French Signs. It’s been very difficult to choose pictures for the premises just because he has so many good ones. Share Follow Us

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Donating organs upon death

What do you do if someone has died who wanted to donate organs for transplant? This will be easier if they were on the NHS Organ Donor Register, carried a donor card and had discussed the donation plans with their family. Relatives will still be asked to give their consent before donation. Most organ donations […]

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